Internships an CoOps

While many things are learned inside the classroom, education outside the classroom is also necessary. Learning outside the classroom teaches you things and provides you experiences that cannot be learned sitting at a desk and listening to a professor.

Whether you decide to participate in an externship, internship, or coop, there are many opportunities for everyone to get at least one.

Experiential Education

With experiential education, you are actively engaged in learning and are able to put theory that you have learned into action. It calls for completing meaningful and challenging hands-on work that allows for taking risks and exploring options.

After receiving hands-on experience, you can finally decide and focus on a particular major that will lead towards your goals. You can enhance your resume, which will provide you with a competitive edge in the job market because many employers prefer to hire candidates with relevant job experience. Networking opportunities will also make themselves known, which will aid in finding future internships and jobs.

Externships/Leadership Programs

An externship encompasses a short period of time that usually requires a weekend or week. You visit the site of the business and immerse yourself in the discipline.

It offers you a chance to learn about not only the opportunities but also the employer. Employers are now seeking to hire students earlier thus an externship is a great introduction to the business.


Internships are offered throughout both the fall and spring academic semesters as well as the summer. Depending upon the time of year, the internship can be both part-time and full-time.

At Villanova, there is a special internship available for junior accounting majors called the Spring Accounting Internship Program. It consists of three months of a full-time paid position during the “busy season.” Currently there are fifteen public accounting firms or companies participating in the program. The internship allows students to still maintain a full-time status.

Participating in an internship allows sophomores, juniors, and seniors to not only get paid but also gain academic credit. A minimum of 150 hours must be completed over the course of eight to twelve weeks. If students meet these eligibilities, they can receive three free elective credits with a grade of satisfactory or unsatisfactory.

CoOp Programs

CoOps are available for Villanova students beginning in the spring semester of sophomore year. It consists of six months of a full-time paid position. Students are able to still maintain full-time status and graduate in four years. Along with monetary compensation, the student also receives six free elective credits.

There are three programs offered to Villanova students through the Delaware County District Attorney’s Office, Johnson & Johnson, and Morgan Stanley. The programs are in accounting, finance, marketing, customer development, and operational risk.

After receiving all of this information, it is now time to write a resume and cover letter, create a Linked In profile, and attend other workshops offered by the Clay Center and the Career Center to learn even more.



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